How To Engage

FREE Consultations up to 3 one hour sessions to help assess where the movement in your city is and some potential next steps.


Our Cohorts exist to help your city leaders/catalysts grow, develop and keep the movement going. Cohorts meet quarterly to process together the key elements/principles necessary to facilitate an ongoing movement. This cohort is donation based and at the end of the year, depending on the value you found in it, you will have an opportunity to pay it forward to the next group of catalysts.


In the following areas to help the movement develop in that specific arena:

  • Developing a pastors network in your city
  • Establishing a Prayer strategy for your city
  • Establishing a Neighboring movement
  • Engaging and impacting schools/the next generation in your city
  • Identifying the greater practical challenges in your city & facilitating collaboration around it
  • Establishing a development/fundraising plan for your city
  • Determining business management next steps
  • Volunteer management systems
  • 3 mo, 6mo, 12 mo, coaching packages: Contact us to get started

Management Support

Trellis provides management support to help you establish and maintain the systems that will keep the movement going in your city.

  • Establish your development/fundraising model
  • Determine what business management systems would be best for you including:
    • Setting up your 501 C3 structure
    • Accounting system
    • Data Base
    • Insurances
    • Volunteer management
    • Assess city catalysts and establish growth paths for them
  • Asses the demographics, needs and challenges in a city
  • Launch city wide serve days
  • Engage with your local schools
  • Ignite an intentional neighboring network
  • Develop a prayer strategy for your city

To get started with a support package, begin by filling out this assessment and we will work with you to determine how we can best support you and your city movement.

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City On a Hill Leadership Roundtable

We host the “City on a Hill Leaders Roundtable Event” to help cities take the movement in their city to the next level.

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