Engage With Homelessness
People experiencing homelessness is on the rise in our nation, state and city. As complex an issue as it is, as frustrating as we all may be with legislation, laws and the challenges that come with this issue, we must engage in a productive, strategic, collective manner in order to see progress and people's lives impacted. Trellis facilitates various ways to engage.
Serving Opportunities
Steps out of homelessness
Ways to Engage
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Community Impact Team

The Community Impact Team is a transitional work program that works with people experiencing homelessness in Costa Mesa. Team members have been vetted through our weekly program, are insured and are accountable with a manager. They work in teams for mutual accountability, to learn more about teamwork and the relational dynamics needed to get back to work.

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Serving the homeless community with my family has shifted our perspective. The relationships we have built are lifelong.
Eric - Volunteer

Initiative Leader
John Begin

A Follower and Believer of Christ whose desire is to Love God and Love others. Seeking to be His hands, Feet and Voice and to be a servant in a broken world.

You may contact John at john@wearetrellis.com