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Trellis is a team of leaders and catalysts passionate about stimulating, encouraging, and supporting cities to facilitate collaboration that resolves their spiritual, relational, and practical challenges.

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    Trellis exists to facilitate collaboration around the practical, relational, and spiritual challenges in a city by stimulating, encouraging, and supporting city catalysts and the movements they are leading. Interested?
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    •  “It’s extraordinarily important to us to have an organization like Trellis that we can partner with. We know that we can’t do this alone, we need community partners to help address the challenges in our city.”

      - Lori Ann Farrell Harrison, City Manager of Costa Mesa

    •  "Ian pastored me with inspired wisdom and encouragement as I have witnessed God birth a now thriving Christian Community Service Endeavor- a “Labor of Love” here"

      - Dr. Ross Morgan, Pastor in Quincy, CA

    •  “Our churches and nonprofits have been like puzzle pieces scattered across the city. God is starting to bring unity and connecting those pieces. Hearing about others that have gone before us, really inspired me to dream about what is possible.”

      - KC Lui, Pastor in Irvine, CA


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