So many people every year get caught up in all the activity, gift giving and events that take place around the Christmas season without ever really knowing, considering and understanding the power and impact of the Christmas Story. This is actually kind of sad because they are missing out on the real meaning, impact and expansive nature of what it’s all about. In a similar way, people have gotten involved with Trellis activities, donations, events and serving opportunities over the years, without really knowing the Trellis story. As we look towards year end we’d love to invite you fully into our story. As you get to know the characters, understand the context, meaning and purpose behind the Trellis story over the next couple of months, we hope it makes your engagement more powerful.

If you’ve ever worked to try to maintain unity in a friendship, marriage, family, church, business, sport team, band, etc., then you know that facilitating collaboration on an ongoing basis is no easy endeavor. However in Costa Mesa for the past 8 years, we have experienced more churches working together, more businesses and non-profits engaging and working with the city and the school district to make a more powerful and collective impact. The hundreds of neighbors, hundreds of people experiencing homelessness, the thousands of students and 30,000+ families served during food distributions this year alone, would not be possible without the multitude of volunteers that come from all throughout the community, but mostly from about 36 of our churches, as well as the donors, church and business partners that generously support this work.

All of the collaboration, the impact, the ongoing focus, the organization and the communication would not happen without the Trellis team. Each of them started as volunteers, put in countless hours and have made personal sacrifices to be part of this work they feel called into.

Current Amount Raised of Our
100k Goal


All but one of our initiative leaders are still very much part time and as we start looking at how to help other cities develop more collaboration, it’s essential that we increase our capacity.  Therefore our goal with our year end campaign this year is to raise $100,000 in order to establish full time Initiative leaders that can not only improve the work here in Costa Mesa, but also begin helping raise up, coach and encourage leaders in other cities.