Trellis Annual Report

Ian Stevenson

Dear Friends of Trellis,

“We’re in this together” has been a line we’ve heard a lot in 2020 with the COVID-19 pandemic throwing much of the world into confusion and bringing a lot of fear and uncertainty. Thank goodness Trellis was well prepared to help our churches, businesses and city work better together in the midst of the challenge. During this tumultuous year, our mission of “Facilitating collaboration around the city’s practical, relational and spiritual challenges” became ever more relevant. Although all we had planned for and were preparing to do in 2020 had to be adjusted and altered, God showed up and together we were able to impact thousands more neighbors through food distributions, as well as continue to engage more churches, businesses and non-profits in working together in our city. This resulted in even more being accomplished than we originally thought possible.

Trellis has created a basic structure in Costa Mesa that has helped and allowed others to work together well.  We work with pastors, city leaders, school district leaders, non-profit leaders, and neighbors to create a collaborative approach to making a difference in our city. As a result, in 2020 in the midst of COVID-19, the number of families and individuals practically impacted were way up, as you will see in this report.  Trellis is increasing the likelihood of collaboration and working together in a city, as a result practical, relational and spiritual issues are being addressed and the results are evident.

As you will see throughout the pages of our Annual Report, our approach to facilitating collaboration in a city is yielding transformational results. We are grateful for each of our partner churches, businesses, and volunteers, who through their investment of time, talent and treasure are helping us create a more collective and collaborative approach to a city’s challenges.  Together, we are excited to now start moving beyond Costa Mesa to impact neighboring cities as we head into 2021.

In His strength,
Ian Stevenson
Executive Director
TRELLIS / (949) 422-5331


trellis business partners

Business Partners

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Church Partners

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Non-Profit Partners


  • Since 2015 reconnected over 175 people back to their families
  • Community Impact Team continues to grow and increase volunteers, hours and projects
  • Hundreds of sack lunches and thousands of toiletries items were made and distributed to people living on the streets


  • Connected every school with at least one church partner
  • Hundreds of students in Costa Mesa receiving mentoring, tutoring and support


  • Once a month 24 hour prayer in 2020
  • OneVoice event in August had hundreds in attendance worshipping together
  • Over 150 Christ followers surrounded City Hall this past June to pray
  • 271 believers from 20 plus churches prayed 24/7 the 10 days leading up to Easter


  • Neighboring Network has grown to 167 people in Costa Mesa
  • 50 people a part of Bless Every Home
  • Over 400 people participated in 25 projects in Love Costa Mesa Day
  • 150 people joined the Costa Mesa Cares Team helping providing practical help to our neighbors impacted by Covid-19.
  • 34 people participated in drive thru prayer at our food distributions


Education Quote Costa Mesa

School engagement has been heavily impacted in 2020 with the pandemic hitting. Schools went to distance learning in March and as they reopened to a hybrid model in the Fall, volunteers still have not been cleared to participate on school campuses. As an organization trying to continue to look at how we can impact the next generation in Costa Mesa, Trellis and our partners, have had to get creative and think outside the box. One example of a church that has done this is St James Anglican.
St. James started a Good News Club at Paularino Elementary School a few years ago. When COVID hit last Spring, they had to shut down their club. As school started up again this Fall, Linda Fleming, who heads up the GNC at the school, started the conversation with the principal at Paularino about being able to start working with the kids again. When it wasn’t possible to meet after school on campus, St. James decided to see if they might be able to make it work doing the weekly Good News Club at their church. After connecting with parents, they were able to start meeting weekly with students on their church campus soon after school opened in September.
When kids come to the Good News Club each week, they have a Bible lesson, sing songs, work on memory verses and play games. St. James was just able to host a Christmas party with their kids and they had 20 children come, as well as a couple of parents. All got to hear a Gospel presentation during the celebration. It is so exciting to see this club continuing to make an eternal impact in the lives of children in spite of the restrictions in place because of Covid. At Trellis, we wouldn’t be able to have the impact we do without all of our church partners, like St. James, that have stepped up to the plate to use their gifts and resources to make a difference in the lives of the students, parents and school staff in our city.


I remember it was late at night when I got the call. It was after 9:00 P.M., and I was already tired.  It was my friend, Elaine McCullough from Trellis, an organization that I love. They were putting together boxes of food for people in need and wanted to know if I would write cards of encouragement to go into each box. Covid-19 had only been around for two months, so it was the early stages. I remember thinking, “I can crank this out quickly. I will just print a couple of scriptures and copy them twenty times each and just write encouraging words on the cards, It won’t take me too long”.  As I went to my printer to mass produce several encouraging scriptures, my printer kept doing crazy things; working was not one of them. I must have tried ten times to get the printer to work before it occurred to me that God was trying to get my attention. Once He got it, He said, “You are not going to give them the same scriptures. I will tell you with each card what to write.” I love hearing God’s voice! Once I began writing the notes, it was as if time was suspended and all that mattered was what I was doing. There were forty cards. Every card was different, and each scripture was completely different. Out of the forty, there were only two with a warning about getting back into fellowship. I almost felt as if I were reading someone else’s mail. I cried over some and laughed as I wrote others. The very best part of this was the joy that I felt the entire time I was writing.  Often when the Lord calls on me to do something for Him, I am reluctant and in the flesh.

It is only after I am obedient that He allows me to feel His joy unspeakable which can’t be compared to any other joy on earth. I felt like I was caught up in the heavenlies with Him. I did not care what time it was, or my own needs at all.  All that I cared about was that I was in His presence and pleasing Him. There is no feeling this world has to offer that is as good as that! As I finished writing the cards, I realized how very personal the Lord is with me. He was so kind and so tender to the recipients of these notes. He wants to be so personal with us. I am so very grateful that we have a God who wants a relationship with us that is like no other. He wants to be as personal with us as with will allow Him to be.

The next time I consider mass producing something for one of God’s chosen, I need to remember this experience and that Jesus never treats me that way. We should treat others with that same Agape love. What an amazing God we serve!!!

Eunice Hooker – Newport Mesa Church

homelessness in costa mesa

In July of this year the City of Costa Mesa housed nine men into a new housing project called The Della Rosa located in Westminster Ca. They moved into their studio apartments with just a queen bed, a small dinning table with two chairs and a few kitchen items. Trellis reached out to the churches in Costa Mesa seeking to help furnish their apartments. Trellis came up with a list of four different gift boxes. 1. Kitchen items 2. Linen items 3. Pantry items and 4. Cleaning supplies. We needed nine boxes of each gift box. We had a tremendous response from several churches and within two weeks we had all the gift baskets for all nine residences. This was a great collaboration with the churches and volunteers.

The Salvation Army heard how Trellis had provided for these nine men and asked if we could do the same for 15 seniors moving into a new senior housing project in Anaheim. This was a great opportunity for Trellis to connect with the churches in Anaheim and have them collaborate together. Trellis reached out Love Anaheim leadership who had connections with the churches in Anaheim and to the Eastside church.  Trellis and our church leaders in Costa Mesa that helped collaborate with the Della Rosa project met with the Salvation Army coordinator, Eastside church outreach, Love Anaheim leadership and came up with a plan to meet this need. Love Anaheim and Eastside church led the way in collaborating with the churches in Anaheim. The collaboration was amazing and within two weeks they had put together 15 welcoming boxes each with the four categories plus $100.00 gift card for each tenant. I believe this is a good step in getting Trellis foot in the door in the city of Anaheim.

Also in the midst of COVID-19 the church shined bright in blessing their neighbors, working together as one and a start in changing their cities for the kingdom.

Neighboring in Costa Mesa

Love Costa Mesa 2020 was such a huge success! In the midst of figuring out how to resume hybrid school models and other pandemic chaos, 400 people showed up, all throughout Costa Mesa, to bless our Community.  25 projects happened on Saturday, some virtual, some low-touch and some in person but they all blessed the community. We're looking forward to our next Love Costa Mesa day on May 15, 2021!


Trellis is supported by a group of committed monthly donors who represent roughly 1/3 of Trellis’ annual donations.  This group is deeply committed to help Trellis solve their city’s greatest challenges; spiritual, relational and practical.  They are often involved as volunteers and actively invite other to join us in our mission.  In 2020, we saw an increase of 21 Stakeholders over 2019.



The year 2021 will be the year we continue to advance things in Costa Mesa and begin investing BEYOND Costa Mesa to other cities in Orange County.

In 2020, more leaders, individuals, churches, and organizations noticed our work and we even received the “Costa Mesa Non-profit of the Year” award from our Assembly Woman, Cottie Petrie-Norris. As a result of all this, leaders in other cities who have been striving to create more collaboration are asking for our help. This is both an honor and a responsibility that we are not taking lightly. We are seriously looking at how to increase our capacity as an organization to help other cities, which has been a part of our vision from the beginning.

In order to continue pursuing our overall vision in 2021, we’re looking BEYOND Costa Mesa. We will of course continue our work in Costa Mesa. We are working with a team of 10 pastors to form a “Pastors Lead Team” to guide Love Costa Mesa, continue growing the number of people involved in our prayer army, those being intentional neighbors, engage with our schools and work with our homeless.  At the same time, we are looking at how to increase our capacity and capabilities to be able to help encourage, stimulate, and resource movements of collaboration in other cities.  We are planning to start a cohort of city catalysts in Orange County and begin coalescing those interested in prayer, neighboring, education or the issues in their city, like homelessness or food insecurity, and will be looking at how to help them advance their efforts.

We will also be launching a podcast this year called, “We’re Better Together,” where we (Daniel Orduna and I) will have a monthly interview with a leader that is working hard to create unity and collaboration in some context. We will glean wisdom from them and use that to encourage our listeners to continue working hard for unity and collaboration in their friendships, marriages, families, churches, teams, and businesses. We have started recordings and will be launching in the first quarter of 2021.

Thank you for your encouragement, support, and prayers as we work to make 2021 even more fruitful than 2020.

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