Continuing to Serve
By the grace of God and support from people who believe in unity, collaboration and synergy, Trellis has continued to serve as a structure to help our churches, businesses and community work better together. As we approach year end would you consider helping us take things to the NEXT LEVEL this NEXT YEAR?

This year we have seen more than 60 people end their homelessness, every school in our city have a church committed to serving it, 30 projects get done throughout the city, several more prayer gatherings emerge and over 1,700 volunteers engaged in our collective efforts.
What Next Level Looks Like

You can help us take things to the next level here by providing resources that will help us develop a Transitional Living Center in the city, reconnect 20 people to their loved ones in other parts of the country, make some improvements to the Check in Center and bring on a manager for the Community Impact Team.

In this arena your support will help us reach our goals of doubling the number of mentors and classroom helpers in our schools, provide parenting workshops in 10 of our schools and now that we have at least one church engaging with every school on an ongoing basis, work towards multiple churches working together at each school.

Your support will help us reach the next level & hit our goal of doubling the impact of the “Love Costa Mesa” city wide serve day in May by providing the resources to do 60 projects and engaging over 600 people as we continue to build out a “Neighboring Network” throughout the city.

The next level here is starting a “House Of Prayer” in Costa Mesa this next year, plans are under way we simply need some additional resources to help establish it.

Next Year we can take things to the Next Level!! A year end gift or financial commitment can help us get there. We hope you will prayerfully consider what you can/will do.

3 ways to help us take it to The Next Level / Next Year
1. Double your donation and help us reach our year end Matching gift Goal up to $10,000 with a one time gift.
2. Increase or start a monthly donation (even $10/mo. makes a difference).
3. Volunteer in the area you have the most interest on at least a monthly basis.