If your church would like to be part of an ongoing, prayerful, active and collaborative effort to impact Costa Mesa, Trellis provides the focus, organization and communication to help you do just that. Churches bring passion, purpose and calling necessary to facilitate real change.

of all Americans say they’ve never interacted with their next door neighbors

THE CHURCH CAN change this

of students who cannot read proficiently by the end of 4th grade will end up in jail or on welfare

THE CHURCH CAN change the future

Churches encourage their people in prayer, this is the roots of how Trellis has emerged.  Churches exhort their people, as Jesus did, to love their neighbors, Trellis provides a way to make this real. Churches are looking for ways to impact their communities. Trellis provides a way to do that more collectively, demonstrating the type of unity we read about in scripture. To determine your churches next step contact to discuss.





As a Costa Mesa Pastor, I have longed for my congregation to get involved with serving others. Trellis has been an answer to my prayers! Though Trellis we have been empowered through partnership with other churches to tangibly demonstrate God’s love in our city. I am so hopeful that together we will change the future of homelessness, education, cultural integration, and neighboring through the grace of the gospel in Costa Mesa.
Bucky Dennis, Lead Pastor Watermark OC