10 Days of 24/7 Prayer

Join us for these special 10 Days of 24/7 Prayer with the purpose of seeking the blessing of God on our cities, state, nation and world.

People, pastors, churches, and city officials from all over the world are coming together in unity as we call out to God and pray for businesses to be restored, families to be reunited, the sick to be healed, and so much more.

It was whenever the people of God were in one accord that we see the mighty movement of God recorded throughout the Bible. From the time of Moses, the Israelites were victorious through the power of God whenever they were all in one accord and purpose, and were aligned with the will of God.

In Acts 2:1; Acts 4:24-31; Acts 5:12  we see that “they all were in one accord,”  together in prayer and the Power of the Holy Spirit was unleashed which caused the Church to grow.

PRAYER!   It has a special way of uniting the followers of Christ. Prayer draws us together even when our traditions, denominations, preferences, or personalities might not have much in common.


Sep 19 - 28 2020


All Day

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