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If you have been impacted by the coronavirus, we want to help! If you are housebound due to a diagnosis of the coronavirus or because you are part of a vulnerable population group we can help provide basic necessities. Just, fill out the form below and let us know what your needs are right now and someone will be in contact with you to discuss how we can best support you during this time. We also recognize that the effects of this outbreak go beyond those who are infected. If you are in need of assistance because you have been impacted by the shutdowns associated with the coronavirus, please let us know and we’ll do our best to come alongside you.

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Join the Costa Mesa Cares Team

We have a unique opportunity during this time of crisis to bring light and hope into the community. You can join and help in the response by offering your time to pick up groceries, deliver food boxes, provide relational support and pray intentionally. We’ve identified individuals with needs due to the coronavirus through the city, this website, our schools, churches, and other local partners. We will ask each volunteer to review and sign a liability waiver and submit to a brief background check, to ensure that everyone on our volunteer teams and those we are serving are as safe as possible. Please fill out the form below to and indicate how you would specifically like to help to join the response.

Join the Costa Mesa Cares Team

¿Has sido impactado?

Si has sido afectado por el coronavirus, queremos ayudar. Si estás confinado en casa debido a un diagnostico de coronavirus, o porque perteneces al grupo de personas vulnerables, podemos ayudar a proveer artículos de primera necesidad. Solo llena el siguiente formulario y dinos cuales son tus necesidades inmediatas y alguien se comunicará contigo, para analizar tu situación y discutir la mejor forma de ayudarte. Reconocemos que el impacto de este brote va más allá de las personas infectadas. Si estás siendo afectado por los cierres de negocios debido al coronavirus, por favor informanos y haremos nuestro mejor esfuerzo por estar a tu lado y ayudarte.

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Únete al Equipo de Cuidado de Costa Mesa

Tenemos una oportunidad única durante este tiempo de crisis de traer luz y esperanza en la comunidad. Tú puedes unirte a nosotros para responder ofreciendo tu tiempo para recoger y repartir despensa, entregar cajas con comida, proveer apoyo social y oración. Hemos identificado personas que tiene necesidades debido al coronavirus, en nuestra ciudad, a raves de esta página de internet, a raves de nuestras escuelas, iglesias y otras asociaciones locales. Cada voluntario deberá revisar y firmar un escrito de liberación de responsabilidad civil y someterse a un breve reporte de antecedentes a fin de asegurarnos que todos en nuestro equipo de voluntarios y aquellos a los que estamos sirviendo, estén tan seguros como sea posible. Por favor llene la forma adjunta e indique específicamente la manera en la que usted le gustaría ayudar, a fin de unirse a nuestro equipo de respuesta.

Únete al Equipo de Cuidado de Costa Mesa

Dear Trellis & Love Costa Mesa Family,

After meeting and talking with numerous pastors and leaders in our city regarding COVID-19, it’s clear that our collective desire is to each do our part to exercise extreme caution in the spread of this virus. Therefore, we have decided to postpone the Loving Our City Celebration this Saturday evening. While we don’t want to be alarmist, we do want to be responsible, respectful and helpful in mitigating any chance of perpetuating the problem our city, state, nation and world is consumed with at this time.

At the current moment, there is a statistically small number of documented cases of coronavirus in Orange County. However, many credible experts suggest there are many more undetected cases that are likely to result in an increase of outbreaks in the coming weeks and months.

The sentiment at this time seems to be if we can all focus and do all we can to limit public engagement and the spread of the virus through the rest of the month of March, we’ll have a good chance of minimizing the spread of the virus as well as the concern/fear that is accompanying it.

In the midst of limiting our public engagement, we also recognize the importance of working with the community to help mitigate the issues that will arise as a result of not only the virus, but also the shutdowns that are coming along with it. To that end we have several recommendations/opportunities for your consideration.
  1. Below are some handouts in English and Spanish from the Center for Disease Control (CDC). We thought they might be helpful for you and helpful for you to share with others.
  2. By this Saturday on the there will be a coordinated and centralized way for us as a community to.
    1. Communicate needs that arise as a result of people who
      • have the virus
      • are in quarantine
      • are seriously affected as a result of the various shut downs
    2. Participate in helping meet those needs and show up for people being affected.
In 2011, the year we began talking about this idea of Trellis, there was a tragedy that happened in our city that launched about 300 of us a few days later to simply circle around City Hall and pray for the city. This really launched us into the place we are today where we have much greater collaboration, coordinated effort and greater results than ever. This is a great opportunity for us in the midst of these circumstances to seek God and come together again as our city deals with this challenge.  I invite you to join me in front of City Hall this Saturday at noon to pray for our city and wisdom for our leadership in the city as we continue responding to all that is going on.

Thank you for being a part of Trellis and our collective impact on the city.

In His strength,

Ian Stevenson
Executive Director
TRELLIS / (949) 422-5331

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Download 7 Day Coronavirus Prayer Guide

If you’d like to be an intentional neighbor and make yourself available to your neighbors during this crisis, we’ve created a short letter that you can download and customize with your own name and address. Once your specifics are included, you can print and distribute it to as many neighbors as you feel comfortable doing so. We can help mitigate the negative effects of the virus and its ramifications if we are intentional about looking out for one another and protecting the vulnerable members of our community. If you chose to interact with your neighbors in this way, we strongly suggest that you use wisdom and if you are part of a high-risk population group please consider and follow all of the most current CDC recommendations.

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Helpful Links and Resources

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Financial Support

We still don’t know all of the ways that this outbreak is going to affect families and individuals, and we want to be prepared to meet whatever needs may arise out of this crisis. If you are able to give financially, all funds will go directly to supplying needs for those that have been impacted by the coronavirus and its affects. To donate towards the Costa Mesa Cares response click the button below.

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