Going Beyond

As we approach year end and are planning for 2020, the word God has given us for Trellis is "Beyond". Defined as, "outside the understanding limits, or reach of ". There are several things we believe God is asking us to go for in 2020 that are clearly beyond our understanding, the limits and reach of what we are currently able to do. As you consider any year end giving we invite you on this journey with us. Your year end gift can help us move "beyond" simply having a few part time team members who are contractors to have the capacity to make them employees. It can help us impact other cities that have been asking for our input. It could help us bring the "Schools Connect" model to our city and therefore multiply the support and resources to our schools. It could help us be part of moving "beyond" a bridge shelter in our city to help facilitate some permanent supportive housing here. It could help us leverage some technology that would help build out neighboring networks in our neighborhoods. And it could help us take next steps in establishing a house of prayer in our city.

It would be easy to get comfortable and just keep things as they are but we must continue to push "beyond" our understanding, limits and reach in order to impact others. Thank you for considering how you can be part of going "beyond" as part of the Trellis team. 

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What BEYOND Looks Like

Beyond Our City
Other cities, churches and individuals are asking how they can establish more collaboration in their city. As we continue facilitating collaboration in Costa Mesa, our goal is to develop tools, resources, training and capacity that can help leaders in other cities take their next steps. We are striving to raise $15,000 to create a Trellis, city-centric app that can be replicated in other cites and help stimulate this movement.

Schools Connect
School Connect is a tried and true model for community engagement in schools that is now in every school district in Arizona. You can learn more about them here. We have the opportunity to partner with them in our school district to implement this model here working with the leaders and churches already helping impact our schools to bring an even higher degree of community engagement and coordination with businesses, non-profits and volunteers to make our schools great. We need to raise $15,000 to make this happen.

Permanent Supportive Housing
So much progress has been made to collaboratively serve people who are experiencing homelessness. The city has established a "Bridge Shelter", we have coordinated volunteer opportunities, street outreach is taking place and there is a clear "pathway home" for people. The greatest challenge, however, is actual housing. We need places for people to actually live. There are vouchers and resources available from the state and various other entities, but nowhere for people to live. We are working with several other non-profits to try and establish something here in Costa Mesa. Our role would be helping with community and volunteer engagement. $15,000 would help us be able to pay someone to coordinate and facilitate that engagement.

House of Prayer
Trellis emerged from a group of pastors and leaders praying for our city. Any progress and success we have, we attribute more to what God is doing than what we are. To have a place in our city that fosters an atmosphere of prayer throughout the week and helps people experience God's presence, deepen their communication with him and pray more for our city leaders, neighbors, issues and challenges, we believe will have the greatest effect on our city. We are looking for a donated building or space to make this happen or $2,000/month to pay for some space to make it happen.

In 2020 we can push things BEYOND our current understanding! A year end gift or financial commitment can help us get there. We hope you will prayerfully consider what you can/will do.

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