CONVERGENCE House of Prayer

Costa Mesa

House of Prayer

Hearing, Knowing, and Obeying the Voice of God.

Let’s face it - life around us is becoming increasingly more chaotic in this world. It is very apparent that every believer hearing and knowing the voice of the Lord for ourselves will become even more vital in the days to come.

As a House of Prayer, that is our heart’s desire - not only to know Him intimately ourselves, but also to provide a place where His presence rests on us corporately, and where every believer can come and connect with the Lord in an intimate way, feel His presence, and hopefully go away knowing Him a little more intimately than before.

We are all on this quest to know Him more. Sometimes we hear Him and it can be uncomfortable to step out in faith to obey Him; perhaps because of fear of man, and what others will think of us.

This was illustrated for me back in November when Eunice Hooker from Newport Mesa Church came to the House of Prayer session the night of November 5th. Eunice is our 1st Wednesday Prayer Leader at City Hall. As we were worshiping, about an hour into the service, Eunice got up and left the service. I saw her leave, and wondered if everything was okay. After the service while we were sharing with one another, one of the men in attendance shared a word from the Lord with us on the importance of every believer knowing His voice for themselves, and obeying Him.

That following week, I followed up with Eunice to see if everything was alright. There is no pressure for anyone to stay the whole 2 hour service – everyone is free to come and go. But Eunice is also a close friend of mine, and I wanted to see how she was doing. What she shared with me was wonderful, and it turned out to be a living demonstration of the word of the Lord spoken that night through the man who shared with us. Here is her excerpt from her diary:

November 5th, 2019 Eunice Hooker
Jesus called me to do the most amazing thing today!! In our small group, we’re learning about pleasing God and not man. We’re also learning about going wherever He calls us, and being His voice, having His ears, His heart, and His eyes, and listening to Him. So, I’m sitting in this prayer and worship night at the House of Prayer (Convergence). I’m about one hour in, and God tells me to get up and leave. Mind you, there are only about 7 people there. I fought it at first because I thought my friend would be offended, but God said, “Pick up your purse – you are to go!” So I did. He was being very bossy with me. He told me to go to Stater Bros. He directed me a different way to go – down Brookhurst. I never take Brookhurst. He told me which door to enter into. There was a young, fresh looking teenage box girl who greeted me at the door. I took notice of her. I went in, got my two items that I needed, and went to check out. This same box girl was having a conversation with a young, “20 something” cashier about witchcraft, and whether it was real. Then everyone became silent. I had to speak up. I said, “Oh, it’s real alright, but the Bible says if you give any credence to it, when you call upon God, He will say, ‘go to your sorcerers’, so be careful”. I began to walk away, and this box girl said, “Wait, don’t go; I need to talk to you!” Come to find out, she was a believer and just didn’t know about the power of evil. She was so teachable and eager to learn! God, thank You for calling me out, even to Stater Bros! Lord, send me, I am ready! I should add that I told this box girl about the time during my senior year in college at CSULB in a 400 level psychology class, that my professor demonstrated para-psychology. He passed around a rod weighing about 10lbs and approximately 18” long for the class to examine. He was demonstrating his doctoral thesis to our class. After examining the rod, he laid it on the table in front of the class. Then he levitated it approximately 3 feet into the air and bent it in half before our eyes. I told this story to the box girl to illustrate that the powers of darkness are very real. She totally understood and said that she would have nothing to do with it going forward. Glory to God! “Greater is He who is in me than he who is in the world” (I John 4:4).

Eunice’s obedience to the Lord, both in hearing Him and in obeying what He asked her to do, despite what others would think, really blessed me! And He knew that box girl really needed to hear a word at that very moment that He instructed Eunice to go to Stater Bros. As a result, this box girl’s life was changed in a good way.

The Lord is very near to all of us. All we need to do is take the time to spend with Him, and cultivate that one on one relationship with Him so that we will know Him and His voice very well, and so that we can walk in obedience to Him.

Convergence House of Prayer currently meets every 1st Tuesday of the month from 7 to 9pm at the Trellis office located at 711 W. 17th Street, Unit E5 in Costa Mesa. Please come out and join us if you can!