National Day of Prayer

impacted hundreds of people

National day of prayer
At Trellis, our biggest value and the roots of our organization are in prayer. It was our pleasure to facilitate a National Day of Prayer event this year that was held at Heroes Hall on the OC Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa on Thursday, May 2nd. Two services were held that evening. The theme for this year's National Day of Prayer was "Love One Another". Approximately130 people from the community (representing about 13 different congregations) came together to unite in prayer for our city, state and nation. There were also about 5-6 churches outside the city represented among us, as well as others from out of state who joined in with us, one person from as far away as FL. After each service began with worship, 3 leaders from 3 different churches prayed for our city, state and nation, respectively, and led those present to break up into small groups for a portion of the time to continue the prayers among themselves. Our biggest desire is to see the unity of the body of Christ grow among us in Costa Mesa between the various Christ following churches, and our prayer is that in upcoming years, this National Day of Prayer event will continue to grow and our love for one another will continue to expand.