to come together from different directions


Converge - "to come together from different directions (heavenly and earthly dimensions) to an intersecting point to achieve union.  Each dimension has distinction, yet with a significant merging or overlapping to form one unified reality".

Since its inception in November of last year, "Convergence House of Prayer" has drawn many people from various churches across the city, and even some from across the country.

Currently being held in the conference room at the Trellis office at 711 W. 17th Street on the first Tuesdays of the month from 7 - 9pm,  we are already seeing the need to find a new, neutral space to accommodate the growth we believe the Lord is bringing.

Our desire is that Convergence will be a place where the Lord's presence is felt, and  where He is encountered by His people, and by all who visit.   We desire it to be a place of convergence - where heaven encounters earth and we are changed as a result!

After our session in January, one participant happily shared, "During our time the Lord healed my foot! He healed me. Spread the word - God was there and He  miraculously healed me. Hallelujah!"

We are grateful for the day of small beginnings.  We are excited to see what the Lord is going to do next with this House of Prayer, and with His people in Costa Mesa and in OC! 

Trellis Prayer Initiative Team