Fell Out of Rehab

He was wanting to move forward and start his life over

Fell out of rehab
One of our reconnections was a young 25 year old male who fell out of rehab and had been on the streets for several months. He came to our Saturday morning LOTS program and was looking to be reconnected to Santa Maria. He was wanting to move forward and start his life over but really didn’t know what to do. His father had not been in his life much after his father divorced his mother and remarried. His mother was not involved at all in his life. He had not seen her in ten years.

His extended family said they would take him in and were so happy to get him off the streets of Costa Mesa. The problem was when he returned to Santa Maria after a short stay they told him their brother was moving in and he needed to move out. During this time he had been looking for a recovery program or a rehab to live.

I have kept in touch with him and he told me of his situation and needing a place to go. I made a few phone calls and GOD works in amazing way, because one of the places I called I talk to a lady who use to Live in Costa Mesa and went to the Crossing church. She recommended a rehab place and I spoke to them and they gave the young man a call and then texted me about a half hour later stating he was coming into their rehab the next day. God is good. They picked him up in Santa Maria and brought him to Santa Monica. I went and saw him and he was looking really good and progressing well. After the insurance ran out there he went to another facility. We still stay in contact and he is moving forward slowly.
Muriel Ullman | Homeless and Housing Consultant City of Costa Mesa