Resident Gets a Chance

He has been working full time now for 6+ months

Joe, a resident, gets a chance.
After losing his job, his marriage, his car and not sure where to turn, Joe found himself on the streets of Costa Mesa for several years. He just wanted a chance; a chance to work, a chance to show he had something to o er. As a faithful and honorable client at the Check- in Center, which is organized through Trellis and involves volunteers from 14 churches and is also hosted at one of our churches, Joe got his chance. He was the rst volunteer to help launch the L.O.T.S. Community Impact Team After volunteering for a couple months on this team, he was connected to a job opportunity and he jumped on it. He has been working full time now for 6 months, has purchased a car and is in temporary housing while preparing for permanent housing. Joe’s going for it!