Engage With Neighboring
The very basics of impacting a community begins with people knowing, caring for and reaching out to the people they live, work and play around. As Trellis establishes a network of “Intentional Neighbors” that encourages, facilitates and stimulates more relationships in their context the ethos as well as the practical support and help will expand. Cultural, socioeconomic and generational barriers will be bridged and our city will become more healthy.
Ways to Engage

Working together to equip families throughout our community is a way we connect and learn from each other’s backgrounds and traditions.  See ways to get involved with families below:

  • Fristers – a group of women who meet weekly to support teen moms. Fristers (Friends and Sisters) meets Wednesday nights at The Crossing Church (2115 Newport Blvd). 
  • Family Nights – an evening for the whole family to learn together hosted by Harbor Christian Fellowship (740 W. Wilson) on Friday nights.
  • Young Life Club a weekly gathering for students from TeWinkle Middle School and Estancia High School to explore biblical truths and navigate the teenage years with positive adult role models.
  • Mika Community Development Corporation – neighborly and educational support is provided through neighborhood leaders in the Shalimar, Center St. and Maple communities.  Support includes after-school tutoring and other educational resources.
  • Tech Classes – Computer literacy classes are available from The Crossing Church hosted at Pomona School on Pomona Ave. 
  • Couples Dinners and Annual Couples Retreat – a time for connection and growing together, these venues are intended to encourage and equip couples for healthy marriages

Building relationships across cultures expands our understanding of the richness of the Body of Christ. See events you can connect to below:

  • C3 (Cops, Church, and Community) Basketball Tournament and Community Fair – Sat. April 9 from 11am-4pm at the Downtown Recreation Center (1860 Anaheim Ave). More information.
  • Shalimar Neighborhood Weekly Block Party – On Wednesdays 5-8pm in Shalimar Park (782 Shalimar Dr.)  you can select and purchase a variety of Mexican dishes and connect with neighbors enjoying music and play in the park.
  • Thanksgiving Meals – Several churches and neighborhoods gather multiple cultures around a Thanksgiving meal. Stay tuned for specific dates and locations in Nov. 2016
  • Vacation Bible School Collaboration – Does your congregation share a campus with an church of a different ethnic background?  What would it look like to team up for this summer’s VBS? Contact Olga Parra for insight into how they have done it at Iglesia Harbor and Palm Harvest Church-

Our initiative encourages pastors to build friendships cross-culturally particularly with pastors who share church campuses for the purpose of mutual encouragement and shared learning.

If you’re interested in being connected with another pastor, or another church, please contact Andrew at!  We love to introduce friends to friends!

Modeling the call to welcome those who are different from ourselves, we desire for Costa Mesa to be known for Biblical hospitality. See ways you can help us resource our immigrant neighbors below:

  • Share Your English – Become a conversation partner or English instructor at one of the programs below:
  • Bureau of Immigrant Affairs Accreditation – Become accredited to assist immigrant neighbors with legal processes. Contact Andrew Richards if you are interested –
  • Annual Prayer Vigil for Immigrant Neighbors – stay tuned for 2016 Fall date and details
Initiative Leader
Sharon Hurd
Sharon Hurd is a Costa Mesa native who has intermingled with the local people and places in her community as a compassionate neighbor.  Having grown up as a true Goat Hill girl with one of Costa Mesa’s original goat barns in her backyard, she has always treasured her beloved childhood city and is still actively exploring, walking, and connecting with all the natural beauty around her. She creatively uses her artistic eye and love of photography to make connections with people in our community. Sharon is a prayer warrior and is also very involved in our prayer efforts around the city. In her role as a freelance photographer, Sharon has skillfully captured some of the most beautiful, unique, and poignant moments locally, especially in her favorite local spot, Fairview Park. 

You may contact Sharon at

Volunteering with Trellis was a huge step out of my comfort zone. It has been the best step I have made in a long while.
Mike - Volunteer